About The Company

EZ Mowing was founded in 2017 by Tristan Q. Lahnala. The company was made in hopes to not only save people and homeowners money, but also to provide an excellent service & experience to both customers & employees. Although EZ Mowing is only located in the Little Rock Area, the company has plans on expanding.

Meet The Owner

Tristan Q. Lahnala was 21 when he founded his lawn care company EZ Mowing. Tristan was born and raised in Washington St. where his parents divorced at a young age. At the age of 16 the young man had a drug addiction and a tendency of making the wrong decisions.  Then when he turned 18 he found and turned to GOD. After a year of battling his addiction, he decided to move to Arkansas due to his car/living space breaking down & his uncle offering him a place to stay. When the young man got to Arkansas, his first day he became a landscaper. After a few months he went to lawn care and hasn't left it since. There was always one problem he would face with employers. They treated him like dirt & overcharged customers. In return Tristan has made a Lawn Care Company to break that cycle and to provide great careers, and services for the people of Little Rock.

Our New/Upcoming Features

We offer a wide range of features and deals to our customers

Save $5 For Your Opinion

We are now offering all of our customers a chance to save $5 on their next service by sharing their testimony of the company. To share, just message Tristan the words you would like quoted, and he will give you the discount. (Note that all testimonies will be shared on the website unless told otherwise)

Join Our Texting List (Coming Soon)

We are in the process of making a SMS for EZ Mowing Customers. This will act identical to this page of the website. It will give you personal notifications of special deals & news going on for EZ Mowing & their customers.

Alternate Payment Options (Coming Soon)

We have had numerous customers ask us for alternative ways to pay us. Today I am happy to inform you that EZ Mowing is currently working on this exact problem. Shortly you will be able to pay us via PayPal or by mail.

EZ Referrals

If you refer a friend to us, you will receive 1 piece of paper with your name on it. These papers will be placed in a hat. Every month we will draw one lucky customer to receive a whole month of free services. There is no limit to how many pieces you can have. Also every paper will stay in the hat unless drawn.
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